Kathy Bee

Author, Recording Artist, Award Winning Singer, Songwriter, TV Host, Producer, Musical Playwright are just a few of the many hats that Kathy Bee wears.

Since 1997 Kathy Bee has been promoting Internet Marketing For Women On The Net
and is the Web Master of various internet sites.

Kathy is also the Chair of the Board of the Downey Regional Medical Center.

"I totally enjoy working from my home, on my computer, providing services for others and making residual income! And you can do the same thing too!"

Your Friend

Kathy Bee


You've heard the old Gold Miner Prospectors saying,
"There's gold in them there hills!"

Well the gold is no longer in the hills...
It can be mined on the internet!

Just think you have the power to make
unlimited residual income...from your home.

If you can follow a recipe...
You can make money from the internet!


Dear Friend,

I would like to help you become financially independent! The internet is the perfect way for women to supplement their income, stay home with the kids, get the food on the table, keep the house spotless and still have time for the activities that you enjoy.

If you have the time to watch your favorite TV Soap Opera...Oprah...or Dr. Phil...Then you can make some serious income from your home onyour computer...by following the Net Gold Recipe Internet Marketing For Women.

In 1997, I wanted to create the best P. R. campaign to promote a good friend's new book. Plus my husband, Don Hampton who has a specialized high performance business that needed a big boost. His sales were way down and at certain times during that year, very little work came in the door.

That's when I became involved in internet marketing. I can truthfully say that Don no longer needs my help. Business is booming!

For the past nine years, I produced and hosted a TV show called Touching Lives. The theme of the show was "People Helping People". I enjoyed providing positive exposure for guests who were out there making a difference. I still want to provide that same service but to women who really need to and really want to become finalcially independent.

Just picture being able to provide for your family, have funds for family vacations, put money away for a rainy day...kids college...retirement.

You might think that this is just a dream and not possible...THINK AGAIN!

We can help you at Net Gold Recipe Internet Marketing For Women.




1. Can you operate a computer?
2. Do you have at least 1 hour to devote per day?
3. Can you follow a basic recipe?


If you answered yes to the three questions above then keep reading.



This internet marketing training course is primarily geared for women who are looking for a way to secure residual income. If you can follow a recipe…You can earn “Big Bucks” and help other women grow their dreams and fulfill their goals.

The old gray mare she ain’t what she use to be…well neither is job security! Today you have a golden opportunity to earn from your home. If you have a computer, can focus, devote some designated time and can follow basic recipes…than you’re ready for success.

Step by step, you'll discover how to mine for internet gold
here at
Net Gold Recipe Internet Marketing For Women.

Let’s get started!

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